Baby Anne Manikin 4-Pack

ITEM: 56209


Infant CPR training is affordable with this lightweight, portable pack, which includes:

  • 4 Baby Anne CPR Manikins
  • 24 Airways
  • 40 Foreign Body Practice Objects
  • Easy-to-Handle Soft Pack Carrying Case

Train your group on critical infant CPR skills with this easy-to-use manikin. Features realistic chest compression and rise, movable jaw, and an inexpensive, easy-to-maintain airway system. Also includes a unique foreign body airway obstruction feature, allowing the release of a foreign body obstruction to be practiced through back blow and chest-thrust techniques. Head-tilt/chin-lift technique is required to open airway. The lightweight, portable 4-Pack weighs less than 12.1 lb and makes hands-on practice affordable for every student. 4-Pack includes four Baby Anne Manikins, 24 airways, 40 foreign body practice objects, directions for use, and an easy-to-handle soft pack carrying case. Each manikin is 20" long. Product (with all four manikins) measures approximately 25" x 12" x 11½". 

This item is available only in the United States.