Vinyl Pelvic Model Set

ITEM: 53954


This set of four essential models allows you to demonstrate the entire birth process. Great for childbirth education classes!

Vinyl Pelvic Model Set Includes:

  • Vinyl Pelvic Model
  • Foetal Model
  • Perineal Cloth Model
  • Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model

Each model also sold separately.


With these four essential models, you can easily demonstrate the entire birth process:

  • The 48-cm-long Foetal Model (Item #79814) represents an average-sized, full-term baby. Made of soft yet durable cloth, the body flexes to show all presentations and positions.
  • The 13-cm x 17-cm Perineal Cloth Model (Item #79804) can be used to demonstrate the stretching of the perineum, possible episiotomy, and the emergence of the foetal head. The cloth attaches securely to our Vinyl Pelvic Model with elastic straps and accommodates the head of the Foetal Model.
  • The 25-cm x 25-cm x 18-cm Vinyl Pelvic Model (Item #54058), which consists of two innominate bones, sacrum with coccyx, and two lumbar vertebrae, also accommodates our Foetal Model’s head.
  • The Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model (Item #79807) allows the Foetal Model to be shown inside a simulated amniotic sac. The snap-on cord clearly reveals the vein and arteries, and a convenient drawstring closes the sac. The amniotic and chorionic membranes are accurately detailed in two colours. The placenta measures 18 cm x 20 cm.

Each model also sold separately.

For childbirth education on-the-go with the model set, use our Childbirth Graphics Tote Bag, which is the perfect accessory to transport all of models in the set from one teaching location to the next.