Deluxe Venous Access Device Model

ITEM: 26124


Mounted on a collapsible easel, this model offers left and right subclavian catheter connections and an implanted Port-a-Cath device. Catheters may be flushed with water, the model can be washed with soap and water, and non-staining antiseptics may be applied. A great training tool.


Offering left and right subclavian catheter connections and a Port-a-Cath device, this model is designed for instruction in the use and care of subclavian and implantable access catheters.

It can be used for:

  • Teaching nurses, patients, and families to medicate using catheters
  • Teaching the “heparin lock” technique to prevent clogging
  • Teaching the catheter’s use for blood sampling, injection, and infusion therapy
  • Teaching how to locate the implantable catheter by palpation
  • Caring for left or right subclavian catheters
  • Changing the subclavian catheter injection cap
  • Cleaning and bathing the site and changing the site dressings

Non-staining antiseptics also may be applied. Mounted on collapsible easel. Comes with carrying case. 47 cm x 33 cm x 13 cm. Replacement Skin Door (Item #26128) also available.